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I'm Kevin Collier. I welcome you to beautiful Grand Haven, Michigan, a quaint port city along the Lake Michigan shoreline where my wife, Kristen, and I make our home.
I am an author of many books, illustrator of over 150 children's picture books and also engage in video editing and production work. Nearly 100 of my entertainment videos appear on several streaming TV channels and online.
Born April 27, 1957, I grew up in Muskegon, Michigan with an early interest in illustration and storytelling. At age 13 I wrote and illustrated comic books, which I sold to neighborhood children, and later published several offset print comic books. I also created comic strips for several West Michigan newspapers while working as artist/designer for our hometown newspaper from 1981 to 2015.
In 2004, I became a published author with my first book "barthpenn@heaven.org," a Christian tale of a boy who exchanged emails with an angel. I have written many genres of books including adventure, history, and the motion picture industry. I also author a series of animation books for Cartoon Research, and am a member of the Spring Lake Winsor McCay Park committee.
I am a person of faith, I trust in my Father for all things and appreciate everyone He has sent my way who have beneficially influenced my life. Special thanks to my beautiful wife, for her daily encouragement. I adore her more every day.
Associations and Services
Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research book series author. Member of The International Animation Film Association (ASIFA East). Founding member of The Winsor McCay Historical Committee of Spring Lake, Michigan. Co-founder of The Michigan Christian Talent Network and publisher of Creative Motion magazine. Designer for Xian Wear Christian fashion line or apparel. Freelance columnist for Animation World NetworkVisit my Facebook Author PageRecipient of graphic design awards from The Michigan Press Association, Associated Press, and United Press International.

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Clutch Cargo Book Offers Adventure Behind the Scenes
Cartoon Research presents “Clutch Cargo's Adventure Log Book.” It was promoted as television’s “first moving comic strip.” In the 60 years since Cambria Studios’ Clutch Cargo series made its debut, it is perhaps best known by animation historians as the cartoon with talking human mouths superimposed on static art. This book takes a look not only at the adventures of Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot, but at the real action going on behind the scenes. It’s how studio owner, Ritchard Brown, along with comics artist Clark Haas, and inventor and photographer Edwin Gillette, pulled off the most amazing feat of early TV animation, and with virtually no budget. Witness the innovation, ingenuity, and creativity that brought this action hero to life on TV screens across the United States of America. This book contains an interview with the voice of Spinner and Paddlefoot, Margaret Kerry, previously published interview content with key players, original sketches, animation cel art, complete episode guide, and more.
Christian Chapter Book Provides a Pur-fect Love Tale
A new chapter book for young readers tells a tale of courage, sacrifice and love. "Danderdaul," titled after the name of the tiger cat who leads a furry band of animal that includes a hamster, a dog and two other cats, are resident pets in a nursing home. When a new resident arrives, a woman who is physically spry, and wealthy enough to live anywhere, the animals wonder, What is she doing here? And evil plot unfolds and the animals, who speak to each other, but never in the presence of humans, must make a daring move to rescue the lady without placing themselves in peril. The of the nursing home, Marcus Nickleby, suspects there is more to the animals than is being witnessed and is troubled by their behavior. While it seems impossible pets could coordinate anything against him, he wouldn't be bothered if they all mysteriously vanished permanently. This faith-based book addresses the concerns of the elderly in America today, and also how love and unselfish behavior can bring about a better environment for all. The book runs 104 pages, and is appropriate for ages 8 and up. Young readers will discover the secret meeting place of the cast of animals, including tiger cat Danderdaul, Cherokee the hamster, Kelso the Golden Retriever, and two other kitties. Purchase the book from Amazon.

A Look Inside of Bill Rebane's 'Monster A - Go Go' Movie
A new book, written with filmmaker Bill Rebane, looks into the 1965 sci-fi horror classic "Monster A - Go Go." Rebane reveals the original story for the project, and discusses scenes he wanted to include that were never filmed and film that was shot but disappeared for decades. A complete history of the movie with photos and information about the actors and key players. For more information visit the Monster A - Go Go book page. Purchase the book from Amazon here.

Spotlight on Wizard of Oz and Russia's Pooh Cartoons
Cartoon Research presents two new books featuring characters loved worldwide. "Fyodor Khitruk's Vinni-Pukh" takes a look at the Russian animated Winnie-the-Pooh trilogy produced from 1969 to 1972. "The Wonderful Animated World of The Wizard of Oz" Oz cartoons of merit produced around the world from 1933-to-date. Both books provide history, showcase creative teams, and present rare original art and photos of principal individuals. The Vinni-Pukh book includes excerpts from interviews with director Fyodor Khitruk and art supervisor Eduard Nazarov. Visit the Vinni-Pukh book page. Visit the Wizard of Oz book page.
Love Novel Reminds We Walk by Faith, Not Sight
A new Christian chapter book, "Blind Faith: Love is Patient," written by my wife and me, has been published. The story, which we began writing in 2005 and then abandon, was dusted off and writing resumed early this year. The "lost" book from our past is now completed and available. The story, faith-based, focuses on the relationship between two young individuals, an aspiring artist named Wesley, and his girlfriend, Morgan. The issue is after the blind date that began their relationship, Wesley discovers Morgan is blind. She sees by faith. With Wesley leaving to attend a liberal arts college out East, the two discover their future depends on redirecting what is important, both conventionally, and spiritually. The book is the first of a series. Early response has been a blessing, as many prominent Christian figures and Hollywood celebrities have enthusiastically come out in support of the project. The love story examines what fosters goodness in people, and presents examples of sacrifice and devotion, something missing in today's world of conditions. No one is a victim here, no are struggles presented without resolution. The book does not thrive on dysfunction, it presents a good beginning, middle, and end. Visit the book page.
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                   KEVIN'S BEST SELLERS               

'Robot Monster' Book an Exclusive Exploration of Film
Premiere motion picture horror memorabilia collector Bob Burns has praised "Robot Monster Diaries," saying, "It's incredible. I ended up learning so much that I didn't know. This book is the Bible for reading anything on the film." The book, which run 120 informative pages, reveals everything you ever wanted to know about Phil Tucker's campy 1953 sci-fi cinema classic. Interviewed for the very first time anywhere in print is actress Pamela Paulson, who played Carla. Also, exclusive interviews with actress Claudia Barrett and Gregory Moffett, who also starred in the movie. Plus Trustin Howard! A look at the history, trivia, the 1980's MTV Robot Monster special with Bob Burns, and more. The book presents an in-depth look at the 3-D process used in the film, it's original theatrical appearances, and ponders what camera rig was used to shoot the film. What happened to the Robot Monster helmet? The book answers that! Also, the blacklist that loomed over actors. Expert commentary from Bob Furmanek, Wade Williams, Jack Theakston, Dr. Robert J. Kiss, Eric Kurland, and Greg Kintz. Also, actor Mark Viniello! Only $10.95. Visit the book page here.
Jay Ward 'Cap'n Crunch' Book Stays Crunchy in Milk
A new book guarantees to stay crunchy even in milk! It's the perfect read at your breakfast table! "Jay Ward's Animated Cereal Capers" takes a look at the studio's cartoons created for the Quaker Oats company from 1963-1983. Explored are the origins of Cap'n Crunch, Quisp, Quake, Simon the Orange Quangaroo and King Vitaman. Also, the infamous Quisp and Quake popularity battle! Included is an episode title listing of all cartoon commercials. Many of the animated commercials are described and screenshots of those adventures presented. Did you know biologically the Cap'n is half Viking and half Native-American Indian? The book layout out the circumstances in which screenwriter Allan Burns created Cap'n Crunch, and goes inside the lopsided creation of Quisp and Quake by Ward studios and an advertising agency. On display are sketches during the creation of the character, animation cells, and inside stories of who created what, why and when. The book runs 52 pages paperback, and retails for $7.95. Visit the book page.

Hare Raising Tales of TV's Very First Cartoon Series
Cartoon Research presents "The Hare Raising Tales of Crusader Rabbit," which takes a look at the first made-for-television animated cartoon, "Crusader Rabbit," and its creator, Alexander Anderson. The cartoon originated in 1948, and first saw broadcast on August 1, 1950. The first series, shot on black and white film, presented 10 distinct adventures divided into 195 chapters. The second series, shot on color film, presented 13 distinct adventures divided up into 260 chapters. Learn about the creation of Alex Anderson and Jay Ward's Television Arts Productions Inc. animation studio, and its sale to businessman Shull Bonsall, who owned TV Spots. The book features the chain of events during the two series, and how Shull Bonsall managed to acquire the rights to the character and the original films. In addition, the book explains Shield Productions and how the company created by Jay Ward and William Hanna had to scrap their plans for the initial series return. The paperback presents a complete episode guide with many images from selected episodes, and original art elements including sketches by animators and model sheets. Also included is a gallery of characters, and Crusader's four book stories. The title also details Anderson's creation of Rocky the Squirrel, Bullwinkle the Moose, and Dudley Do-Right of the Canadian Mounties.  Visit the book page. Purchase from Amazon
'Amos 'n' Andy' Reincarnated in 60's Cartoon
A new book presented by Cartoon Research has just been released on March 1, "Calvin and the Colonel: The Reincarnation of Amos 'n' Andy." In the fall of 1961, a new cartoon made its primetime network television debut, joining Hanna-Barbera’s The Flintstones and Top Cat series. Titled Calvin and the Colonel, it was the creation of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, and was produced by Kayro Productions in association with MCA TV/Revue Studios. The new cartoon was anything but new; it was the reincarnation of Gosden and Correll’s Amos ‘n’ Andy radio program. Amos and Andy story writers Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, who wrote for the radio show, were brought onboard to repurpose their old scripts for the new cartoon series. 64 great pages to enjoy, countless images and photographs, including rare promotional documents. A slice of controversy in this highly animated book! Visit the book page.
'Milton the Monster' Book Exhumes A Classic
A new book presented by Cartoon Research mixes horror with humor exhuming "The Milton the Monster Show" for a full autopsy. The Hal Seeger Productions animated cartoon series made its debut on ABC television in 1965 and lasted for just one season. The cartoon featured a gentle giant monster named Milton, and the supporting cast of Professor Weirdo, Count Kook, Heebie and Jeebie, and others. The show also presented other cartoons featuring characters Flukey Luke, Stuffy Durma, Penny Penguin and Fearless Fly. This book takes a look at the history and creation of the series, and presents a complete episode guide of all 78 short cartoons that appeared in all 26 shows. A special look at merchandising, and a biography of creator Hal Seeger is presented. Nearly 100 images are reproduced for this scary little collector's item. Read all about how Milton the Monster initially was to be a single story in "The Fearless Fly Show," before he became the leader of the monster pack. Visit the book page.
No Fake News in New 'Super President' Book
A new book presented by Cartoon Research journies back to the nonpartisan era of the 1960's to explore the administration of an exceptional United States President whose powers went beyond the office, "Super President." The cartoon, produced by DePatie-Freleng and broadcast on NBC Saturday mornings from 1967-68, introduced the world to James Norcross, leader of the free world, and his pudgy assistant, Jerry Sales. It was perhaps the most secretive Presidency in U. S. history, and some of the predicaments the two encountered placed national security at risk. The book, "The Animated Administration of James Norcross, a.k.a. Super President," whimsically investigates the series, presents a complete episode guide, a gallery of villains index, original model sheet artwork and documents, and a bit on Spy Shadow, the program's additional feature. Exclusive commentary from "Super President" series character designer Art Leonardi as well as animation historian and author Jerry Beck. Visit the book page here.
Ralph Bakshi's 'Mighty Heroes' Declassified
A new book presented by Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research has just been released featuring Ralph Bakshi and his superhero series "The Mighty Heroes." In the book, "Ralph Bakshi's The Mighty Heroes Declassified," Bakshi shares memories of how the idea for the cartoon came out of nowhere during a meeting with CBS programming director Fred Silverman in early 1966. Bakshi, not part of the actual meeting, but there to set up a Terrytoons display, spoke up from the back of the room and pitched an idea for a comedy super quintet. It was Bakshi's first cartoon series in which he was the originator and director. "The Mighty Heroes" ran for 20 episodes from 1966-67, and had a brief reappearance in a 1987 episode of "Ralph Bakshi's The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse." Bakshi describes the production of the cartoon, and what it meant to his professional career in animation. Plus, a special look at Terrytoons behind the scenes. Included in the book are numerous photos, a complete cartoon episode guide, comics and merchandise, and more. Visit the book page.
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Tim Matheson Shares 'Jonny Quest' Memories
A new book presented by Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research has just been released observing actor Tim Matheson's early career working as a voice artist for Hanna-Barbera cartoons. In the book, "Jonny Quest Speaks: Jonny, Sinbad Jr. and Me," Matheson shares memories of being the voice of Jonny Quest, Sinbad Jr., Young Samson and Space Ghost. The majority of the book celebrates and observes his first starring role in a series, "Jonny Quest." Matheson describes how he got the job playing Jonny, and what it was like working with Joseph Barbera, who mentored him, and iconic cartoon voice actors of the time. Matheson walks readers through the process of recording the voices for Hanna-Barbera, and recalls special moments with Mel Blanc, Don Messick and others. "Jonny Quest," which ran in prime-time from 1964-65, has been called the greatest television cartoon of all time. Matheson played the lead character in "Sinbad Jr. and His Magic Belt," completing 81 adventures. He also did the voice of Jace, in "Space Ghost," and the lead in "Young Samson and Goliath." Visit the book page.
Exclusive Look at Gene Deitch's 'Tom Terrific'
Exclusively from the nation's premier animation source, Cartoon Research, released on August 19, 2017, is a new book, "The Amazing Transformations of Tom Terrific," featuring Tom Terrific cartoon series creator Gene Deitch. Making its debut in 1957, Tom Terrific, produced by Terrytoons, was a popular cartoon appearing on the "Captain Kangaroo" show. The animation classic ran two seasons, ending in 1958, but appeared until the mid-1960's courtesy of re-runs on CBS. The book, which includes extensive, exclusive memories from Tom Terrific creator Gene Deitch, presents a complete 26-title episode guide, and a biography of Lionel G. Wilson, the voice of Tom and all characters in the cartoon. Also in the book, which features many photographs and still frames from his cartoons, and a listing of comic books, coloring books, and storybooks, is an index of all 129 things Tom Terrific changed into during the series. A special chapter is included outlining Deitch's Terrytoons departure and the hostile workplace that fostered it. 80 pages, $8.95. Visit the book page.
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Spotlight on Vintage Silent 'Happy Hooligan' Cartoons
Cartoon Research presents "Happy Hooligan: The Animated Cartoons 1916-1922," which takes a look back into the silent era of animation featuring on of comic strip's most popular characters, Happy Hooligan, created by Frederick Burr Opper. The comic strip, which made its debut in Hearst newspapers, became an animated cartoon series in October 1916. The studio, International Film Service, owned by Hearst, produced several dozen Happy Hooligan cartoons until 1920 when the series was leased to Bray Studios for continuation. Goldwyn-Bray released the last in the series in April 1922. The book takes a look at all 55 cartoons, and the talented people behind them: Gregory La Cava, Louis De Lorme, Jack King and Walter Lantz. The book also presents the inside story of Internation's meltdown in 1918, its layoffs, and restructuring in early 1919. Goldwyn's controlling interest in Bray Studios is examined as well. Photos of key players, original cartoon art, countless reviews, a Frederick Opper biography, the 1900-1903 live-action series, stage productions, and more are presented. Get this silent-film era classic. Visit the book page.
Cartoon Research presents 'Dreamy Dud' book
Exclusively from the nation's premier animation source, Cartoon Research, released on July 20, 2017, is a new book about Wallace A. Carlson's "Dreamy Dud" series. Making its debut in the silent film age, Dreamy Dud was one of our nation's first film cartoon series. In the upcoming book, Wallace A. Carlson's Dreamy Dud, a biography of Carlson is presented, a complete Dreamy Dud episode guide and a Wallace A. Carlson complete filmography list of titles and years. Also in the book, which features many photographs and still frames from his cartoons, an article is reprinted where Carlson explains how he got into the business and how the animation process was achieved over 100 years ago. It was nothing like how they do it today. The book is part of a new series of books to be issued by Cartoon Research (founded by Jerry Beck) available from Amazon. The book also features commentary from animation historian Tommy Jose Stathes concerning Carlson, the Dreamy Dud character, and his Bray animation project. The book runs 40 pages and sells for $5.95. Visit the book page.

                CINEMATIC COLLECTIONS              

Ted V. Mikels Shares Life and Film Memories
Now available, “The Life and Cinema of Ted V. Mikels,” an iconic man who has made movies since 1963, with his first film, “Strike Me Deadly.” I interviewed Mikels extensively for six months exclusively for this authorized biography, corresponding hundreds of times to cover his entire life and all of his films. Mr. Mikels passed away on October 16, 2016 at the age of 87. His horror films have become cult classics, and he has rubbed elbows with some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood during its heyday. Born the son of a butcher, Mikels created the grindhouse genre in the film industry, with his most popular films being “The Astro-Zombies,” “The Corpse Grinders,” and “The Doll Squad,” which Aaron Spelling ripped off to create “Charlie’s Angels.” The book follows his entire life story, and all of his motion pictures, along with a bonus of exclusive memories from James McEachin, Maureen Gaffney, Gary Kent, Leslie McRae, Francine York, Sherri Vernon, Rusty Meyers, Donna Hamblin, Beverly Washburn and more. Visit the book page here.

L. J. Pollard's Ebony Films
Just released is a new book, Luther J. Pollard: Ebony Film Corp., about the silent movie company the Ebony Film Corp., established in 1916, and which featured an all-black cast. Appointed president of the company was Luther Jay Pollard, the only African-American in the 46 investors that founded the corporation. The book explores how the company, misguided by capital-hungry white investors, launched a series of comedy shorts that came under criticism for their racist overtones. As a result, Pollard was appointed as company president, and tried to repair the damage and worked to remake and reshape the company. But with the outcry rising, the damage was already complete. The book follows the comedy to tragedy timeline of Ebony Film, presents a filmography and biography of Pollard. The book also features many photos. 60 over-sized pages, $8.95. Visit the book page.

Silent Era's John Bunny talks
Just released is a new book, Film Comedian John Bunny: Funny Bunny, which explores the brief world of silent film star John Bunny, who worked for Vitagraph Films from 1909 to 1915. Bunny was a pioneer of comedy in silent films, paving the way for future comedians such as Jackie Gleason. Guest commentary is included from film historians Tony Susnick and Steve Massa. A look at Susnick's John Bunny documentary John Bunny: Film's First King of Comedy. Much of the book pulls together what John Bunny said about himself and his films in interviews. A brief biography of the comedian is included, and a biography of his most famous co-star, Flora Finch. A title listing of his comedy films is also featured, as well as dozens of photos from his films and special photos used for promotional purposes and press releases. Plus, an article about his funeral service. Visit the John Bunny book page here. Get the John Bunny documentary John Bunny: Film's First King of Comedy.
Martha Mansfield's Fiery End
Just released is a new book, Martha Mansfield Silent Scream, which explores the history of The Warrens of Virginia, from 1907 stage play to the 1924 motion picture, and the strange events looming over it, including the death of actress Martha Mansfield, whose dress was accidentally set afire, causing her death. Coincidences or a curse? Filled with many photos and articles, Martha Mansfield Silent Scream focuses on the original David Belasco stage productions, the 1915 first motion picture, and the tragedy that occurred on November 29, 1923, concerning Mansfield. The book also features exclusive commentary from Martha Mansfield biographer Louise Carley Lewisson. In the course of one 12-month period, which included Mansfield's death, five actresses were literally tested by fire, and motion picture studios didn't do anything to prevent the dangers. The book connects many dots throughout The Warrens of Virginia history. Visit the Martha Mansfield book page here.

Marx Brothers 'Love Happy'
A new book has just been released pulling together magazine articles, movie reviews, and historic photographs and more to piece together the story of the final Marx Brothers movie, "Love Happy," released in 1949. The project began as a solo project for Harpo Marx written with Ben Hecht and produced by Lester Cowan, but unfolded into a Marx Brothers film when Chico was invited into the fold to assist him financially, and Groucho added to the story to assure distributors the movie would financially benefit them. The result was a project that pitted Harpo and Groucho against each other and swirled with scandals involving accusations of Hecht being a terrorist sympathizer and Cowan breaking the rules with advertising placement in what was supposed to be an entertaining film. A history of the production of the film is included, and many motion picture reviews published at the time. The book runs 48 8x10 pages. Visit the book page.
Silent Film Comedian Swain
Just released is a new book highlighting silent motion picture comedy star Mack Swain's Ambrose character and film series. Swain, born into a polygamist family in Utah, became ne of the early silent picture comedians, first working for Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios in 1914. Mack Swain: The Ambrose Years focuses on Swain's bumbling, womanizing character who stumbled through dozens of comedy shorts in the mid to late 1900's. Perfecting his dance and comedy skills in his teens performing in local theater, Swain then appeared in vaudeville and ended up owning his own theater and touring stage company, which featured his wife as a leading star. During his film career, Mack Swain starred in countless films with Charlie Chaplin, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and Chester Conklin. The book also presents a biography of Swain and mentions several of his other films of merit. Included are advertisements for the Ambrose series, reviews and news articles.  Visit Swain's book page here.
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'Silent' Horror Icon Speaks
A new book has just been released pulling together Lon Chaney interviews from 1917-1930, titled "Lon Chaney: In His Own Words." Silent film actor Ln Chaney, who paved the way for Universal Studios' 1930's horror classics, granted few interviews during his lifetime. Read what 'the man of a thousand faces' had to say about his life, career and film making. The collector's volume contains nearly 50 studio print photographs highlighting Mr. Chaney's most popular roles and best films. A title index of all of his films, from 1912-1930, is presented, with accompanying reproductions of selected movie posters and defines each role he played. Many of the photos are presented in full size, and represent such films as 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame,' 'The Phantom of the Opera,' 'Laugh, Clown, Laugh, 'The Monster' and many more. The book, 8x10 inch, 48 pages, paperback edition, retails for $7.95. Visit the book page.
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Silent Film Star Billy Dooley
Just released is a fun and historic book on silent movie comedian Billy Dooley, who worked for Christie Films from 1925-1931 starred in a series of silly short films. Dooley began his career in vaudeville at the young age of 10 and developed a slapstick sailor character he named Billy Epson. Signed by Christie Films, Dooley starred in 28 short comedy films, his first being 'A Misfit Sailor.' The book includes a biography of Dooley, and a directory of all of his comedy shorts. Also included are dozens of promotional posters, lobby cards, promotional photos, published magazine advertisements, news clippings and motion picture frames from many of Dooley's films. The book also features biographies of supporting actors and comedians who appeared in films with Billy Dooley, as well as Billy Dooley's film appearances after his series appearing in bit roles in talking motion pictures. The book includes information on Grapevine Video's Billy Dooley DVD releases. Visit the book page.
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Roland West's 'Bat Man' Film
Now available is a new book exploring the making of director Roland West's 1926 classic silent movie, "The Bat." Originally written by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood, "The Bat" was a successful stage play in vaudeville before Roland West bought the rights to the work to make a motion picture. The result was a creepy who-done-it mystery that featured a masked, caped figure who prowled around at night. Bob Kane, the creator of the comic book hero Bat-Man, pointed to this movie, made 13 years before the caped crusader made his debut in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, as the inspiration for creating Bat-Man. The film presented a bat man character, who had a large cape, bat horns on his head, used a utility belt bag to climb as scale buildings, and even beamed a 'bat signal' announcing his presence. Thus, "The Bat" presents us with the very first Bat Man. Read about the book on The Batman Universe siteVisit the book page here.
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                         COMING THE FALL OF 2018                       

Mexico's Aztec Mummy trilogy
Coming soon is a new book focused on Mexico's Aztec Mummy horror film trilogy which was produced in 1957. The series, which starred Ramon Gay and Rosita Arenas and Luis Aceves Castaneda includes The Aztec Mummy, The Curse of the Aztec Mummy and The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, was filmed in Mexico City. Two of the films in the series were dubbed in English by K. Gordon Murray and made available in the 1960's to American television. This book, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy: An English Guide to Mexico's Aztec Mummy Movie Trilogy, presents an English story outline for all three movies, actor and actress biographies, history of the series and amusing trivia. The book also presents dozens of photos from the trilogy as well as a detailed listing of other Mexican films related to the series and exclusive content from the trilogy owner Peter Hamilton and film historian and Mexican cinema writer David R. Wilt. A fall release is planned and the book will run approx. 100 pages and cost $9.95. Visit the book page here.

                        RECENT BOOKS OF MERIT                        

Robot Monster, Astro-Zombies, Winsor McCay

Check out my latest books "Robot Monster Diaries" and "Unmasking the Astro-Zombies" available from my Amazon Bookstore. "Robot Monster Diaries" looks at the 1953 classic sci-fi film featuring interviews from experts in cinema and the three surviving cast members in the movie. "Unmasking the Astro-Zombies" looks at the classic campy sci-fi film series by Ted V. Mikels, including interviews with Mikels and many actors who were in the series. Also, "Winsor McCay: Boyhood Dreams" is a new book that looks at pioneering animator and cartoonist Winsor McCay's boyhood years growing up in Spring Lake, Michigan. Don't forget to check out my reissued Christian title, "Randall's Sandals," in which a young boy comes into the possession of a pair of sandals believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ. Visit my Amazon Bookstore here!


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