I'm Kevin Collier. I welcome you to beautiful Grand Haven, Michigan, a quaint port city along the Lake Michigan shoreline where my wife, Kristen, son Jarod, and our spoiled cat Midnight make our home.
I am a writer, author of many books, and illustrator of over 150 children's picture books. I also engage in video editing and have produced dozens of entertainment videos that appear on several streaming TV channels.
Born April 27, 1957, I grew up in Muskegon, Michigan with an early interest in illustration and storytelling. At age 13 I wrote and illustrated comic books, which I sold to neighborhood children. From 1976-84, with friend Jeff Cooke, we published a line of comic books. I also created comic strips for several area newspapers while working as staff artist for the Grand Haven Tribune, from 1981 to 2015.
In 2004, I became a published author with my first book "barthpenn@heaven.org," the tale of a boy who exchanged emails with an angel. Since then I have written many genres of books ranging from adventure themed chapter books, faith-based fiction, local and national history, and books about motion pictures and filmmakers.
I also enjoyed hosting and producing several streaming radio podcast programs in 2016 and continue to work as a freelance artist and co-partner in Tangerine Sky Ltd., a media production company.
A Lutheran by denomination, I trust in my Father for all things. I appreciate all those who have touched my life by good example and express eternal gratitude to my beautiful wife whom I adore more every day.


Coming April 29, 2017:
Biography of Iconic Filmmaker Ted V. Mikels

I am currently working on the book “The Life and Cinema of Ted V. Mikels,” an iconic man who has made movies since 1963, with his first film, “Strike Me Deadly.” I interviewed Mikels extensively for six months exclusively for this authorized biography, corresponding hundreds of times to cover his entire life and all of his films. Mr. Mikels passed away on October 16, 2016 at the age of 87. His horror films have become cult classics, and he has rubbed elbows with some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood during its heyday, such as Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Kirk Douglas and hundreds more. Born the son of a butcher, Mikels created the grindhouse genre in the film industry, with his most popular films being “The Astro-Zombies,” “The Corpse Grinders,” and “The Doll Squad,” which Aaron Spelling ripped off to create “Charlie’s Angels.” The book will follow his entire life story, and detail all of his motion pictures, along with a bonus of exclusive interviews with many of the actors and actresses that appeared in his films over 60 years. The paperback book will likely run 150 pages, features many photographs, and will retail for under $13 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble booksellers. I miss you, Ted. Visit the book page herePictured at above left: Ted V. Mikels posing with an Astro-Zombie mask in hand.

Online Interview About Mikels Book
An interview with me concerning the book "The Life and Cinema of Ted V. Mikels" appears online courtesy of Australia's Search My Trash movie resource website. The Interview was conducted by Michael Haberfelner. Read the interview here.

Devil's Cyberspace Takeover
I am currently working on the book "Satan's Web of Lies," a Christian perspective look at how the Devil has taken over the internet and made believers slaves to it. The title discusses how the Devil uses deception and the weaknesses of people to trap them in precarious and sometimes dangerous situations in cyberspace. An analysis is conducted examining how words are being redefined as well as social standards that give the enemy access to breaking Christian homes. Social media, identity theft, scams, and all kinds of deceptions are catching people in the web of lies. The book points to Biblical truth as the answer, and what red flags Christians should look for to know when Satan's net is waiting to capture them. Also explored are political issues that seek an anti-Christ agenda and how the streaming media censors Christian viewpoints and hacks into providers of such to stop them from spreading the gospel. It's gloves off, bare knuckle writing no Christian should miss. June 2017 release.



Apeman Burns in 'Tracy Talks'
I am in the process of writing a new book with legendary Hollywood apeman Bob Burns about the 1975 Filmation Saturday morning children's TV program, "The Ghost Busters." In the series, Burns played Tracy the gorilla, co-starring with veteran actors Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch. While silent in TV show, "Tracy Talks: Bob Burns' Ghost Buster Case Files" will feature Mr. Burns' memories of the popular kids program, working with guest such as Jim Backus, Billy Barty, Ted Knight and Huntz Hall. Visit the bookpage.

Mexico's Aztec Mummy trilogy
Coming soon is a new book focused on Mexico's Aztec Mummy horror film trilogy which was produced in 1957. The series, which starred Ramon Gay and Rosita Arenas and Luis Aceves Castaneda includes The Aztec Mummy, The Curse of the Aztec Mummy and The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, was filmed in Mexico City. Two of the films in the series were dubbed in English by K. Gordon Murray and made available in the 1960's to American television. This book, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy: An English Guide to Mexico's Aztec Mummy Movie Trilogy, presents an English story outline for all three movies, actor and actress biographies, history of the series and amusing trivia. The book also presents dozens of photos from the trilogy as well as a detailed listing of other Mexican films related to the series and exclusive content from film historian and Mexican cinema writer David R. Wilt. Plus there is a DVD guide to the best reproductions of the films available for home viewing. A May 2017 release is planned. Visit the book page here.

Book to Explore Movie Mihmiverse
I am in the process of writing a new book about filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm, creator of critically acclaimed films such as "The Giant Spider," "Attack of the Moon Zombies" and "Danny Johnson Saves the World." Since 2006, Mihm has released 11 films, all entertaining, groundbreaking spoofs of classic horror and sci-fi films. Biographies of key actors and actresses that have appeared in St. Euphoria Pictures are featured. Titled "They Came from the Planet Mihm: The Universe of Christopher R. Mihm and a Decade of Movie Madness," the book will be published in late 2017.  Visit the book page here.

Romance novella co-authored with Wife Kristen
I'm currently writing a love story with my wife, Kristen, to encourage married couples that you don't have to lose the romance in a long-term, monogamous marriage. Full of Angels, Actors, Glam & Gossip - what could possibly go wrong? Visit the book page here.


Robot Monster, Astro-Zombies, Winsor McCay

Check out my latest books "Robot Monster Diaries" and "Unmasking the Astro-Zombies" available from my Amazon Bookstore. "Robot Monster Diaries" looks at the 1953 classic sci-fi film featuring interviews from experts in cinema and the three surviving cast members in the movie. "Unmasking the Astro-Zombies" looks at the classic campy sci-fi film series by Ted V. Mikels, including interviews with Mikels and many actors who were in the series. Also, "Winsor McCay: Boyhood Dreams" is a new book that looks at pioneering animator and cartoonist Winsor McCay's boyhood years growing up in Spring Lake, Michigan. Don't forget to check out my reissued Christian title, "Randall's Sandals," in which a young boy comes into the possession of a pair of sandals believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ. Visit my Amazon Bookstore here!


I illustrate many books for authors each year and my illustration services are available upon request. I also edit and produce videos for books and other entertainment media at reasonable cost. Inquire how I can help you with your project. Check out examples of my artwork here: ART GALLERY 1, ART GALLERY 2.