I'm Kevin Collier. I welcome you to beautiful Grand Haven, a quaint port city along the Lake Michigan shoreline where my wife, Kristen (pictured), son Jarod, and I make our home. I am a writer, author of books, and commercial artist/designer by profession. In the last decade, I have illustrated over 130 children's books. My wife and I own Tangerine Sky Productions, a video entertainment company. Thanks for dropping by!



Life and cinema of legendary Ted V. Mikels in progress

I am currently working on the book “The Life and Cinema of Ted V.Mikels,” an iconic man who has made movies since 1963, with his first film, “Strike Me Deadly.” At 86 years old, Mikels is currently working on a new film for 2016. His horror films have become cult classics, and he has rubbed elbows with some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood during its heyday, such as Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Kirk Douglas and hundreds more. Mr. Mikels is corresponding daily with me for the book, which will be published this Spring. Born the son of a butcher, Mikels created the grindhouse genre in the film industry, with his most popular films being “The Astro-Zombies,” “The Corpse Grinders,” and “The Doll Squad,” which Aaron Spelling ripped off to create “Charlie’s Angels.” The book will follow his entire life story, and detail all of his motion pictures, along with a bonus of exclusive interviews with many of the actors and actresses that appeared in his films over 60 years. The paperback book will likely run 100 pages, feature many photographs, and retail for under $15 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble booksellers. Visit Ted V. Mikels online herePictured at above left: Ted V. Mikels posing with an Astro-Zombie mask in hand.

Strange Grand Haven debuts on Grand Haven Talk Radio

I am recording a new weekly program titled Strange Grand Haven for Grand Haven Talk Radio. The program made its debut on February 19. The show will address all sorts of unusual topics in Ottawa County past and present, including U.F.O. sightings, the paranormal, creatures on the loose and hard-to-imagine history. In the first program I discussed the practice of witchcraft in Ottawa County history, and to what degree it still takes place today. The show is an addition to new content and direction for Grand Haven Talk Radio and owner Robert Woonacott in 2016. Listen to the latest program on demand here.

Exclusive content now on Prazor streaming Christian media

Christian Children's videos, nearly 100 of them, created by my wife Kristen and I under the branding Christ Clubhouse Channel, have made their way onto TruNews' worldwide Christian multi-media platform, Prazor. The App is free, click here. Prazor will also be on Roku streaming television soon, and many alternative mobile media devices. The company, headed by popular Christian radio voice Rick Wiles, is expected to have a half million or more members in its first 24 hours on the day of launch, February 18. More information as it becomes available. Support TruNews and Mr. Wiles, we do with our content! Visit Prazor online here!

'Robot Monster Diaries' focuses on 1953 Sci-Fi cult classic

I am currently writing and compiling a book that takes an extensive look at the 1953 Sci-Fi classic motion picture "Robot Monster." Called one of the worst films ever made, and always ranking in the company of Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space," this book explores the people behind the making of the original 3-D film that had a budget of $16,000 and went on to make over $1 million at the box office. The book will include exclusive interviews and commentary from surviving actors from the original movie, and the 1982 "Robot Monster Special Edition" broadcast on MTV.

Bookmarked podcast debuts on Grand Haven Talk Radio

I am recording a new weekly program titled Bookmarked for Grand Haven Talk Radio. The program made its debut on March 12. The show will interview Ottawa County, Michigan authors, writers and illustrators, as well as announcing special author area events.  In the first program I speak with Melanie Hooyenga about her Flicker Effect book series, and chat briefly with Donyalle Nicole about her upcoming event at Loutit District Library. The second episode will feature local author and historian Wallace K. Ewing and local author and publisher Tricia McDonald. The show is an addition to new content and direction for Grand Haven Talk Radio and owner Robert Woonacott in 2016. Listen to the show on demand here.

 Forgotten serial killer remembered in shocking new book

"Serial Killer from Grand Haven: The Frederick Hollman Story," is about one of our nation's first serial killers, Frederick William Hollman, who once lived in Grand Haven, Michigan. Hollman killed up to 17 women from 1895-1896, and was captured and put on trial in Ford County, Illinois in 1897, and executed by hanging. Included in the book is Hollman's bloody trail from Michigan, to Wisconsin, to Pennsylvania and Illinois, and current paranormal investigations at the Ford County jailhouse, where Hollman was executed. The book includes 9 pages of photographs from the era. The paperback, which runs 168 pages, is available online for mail delivery, and available locally at The Bookman and Hostetter's News Agency, on Washington Street, in downtown Grand Haven. A national version of the book titled "Serial  Killer in Ford County," is also available online and at the Ford County Museum. For more information, visit the book webpage here. Pictured at left: the book's cover.
Only $14.95 plus postage
168 pages / Paperback / 9 Pages of Rare Photos

Book on President Garfield's inspirational brother Thomas

A new book about President James A Garfield's brother, Thomas Garfield, was published in October 2015. Thomas Garfield, the only brother of the assassinated President, lived in Jamestown, Ottawa County, Michigan, for 40 years. The book presents Thomas Garfield mostly in his own words, transcribed from old newspaper interviews from 1881 to the year he died in 1910. Thomas Garfield's father died when he was age ten, and the future U.S. President was 18 months old. Thomas went to work to help his mother keep the family together, which included two sisters. The book, "My Brother's Keeper: The Thomas Garfield Story," is a tale of sacrifice and how Thomas put his brother through college, while he remained a poor farmer all of his life. It is a tale of faith, as Thomas was a devout Christian, who never complained, and did everything for the benefit of others. President James A. Garfield, who died as a result of an assassin's bullet. Visit the Thomas Garfield book page.
Only $10.95 plus postage
50 pages / Paperback

Winsor McCay book reveals untold Spring Lake years  

"Growing Up McKay," a new book about comic artist and pioneering animator Winsor McCay features what no other book about him has, a look at his 18 years growing up in Spring Lake, Michigan. The landmark book will trace the McKay family's arrival in Spring Lake in 1866, to the year they left the area, in 1885. With the help of the Winsor McCay committee, and the Spring Lake District Library, McCay's childhood is examined. Chapters include his friends, close association with his namesake Zenas G. Winsor, his school, his home, his illustration of the sinking of The Alpena (his first commercial work) and the history behind it, his father's jobs and position in the Village Council, and rare photographs that include images of his home, The Union schoolhouse where he was a student, and a reproduction of his sinking of The Alpena illustration. Visit the Growing Up McKay page herePictured: Winsor McCay.
Only $10.95 plus postage
60 pages / Paperback

Area history of Spiritualism and seances becomes a book

"The Talking Dead: The Modern Spiritualist Movement and the Supernatural in Ottawa County, Michigan 1850-1920" has been published The book explores the many faces and techniques of those who claimed they could communicate with the dead. The book also highlights seances, witchcraft, and seances in Ottawa County. Many of these spiritual mediums were con artists preying off those who had lost loved ones, but some conducted practices that were difficult to explain. Included is Spring Lake spiritualist Charles Orchardson, who wrote a book that he claimed was all written by the dead, some of which were famous, like Charles Darwin. There were also claims of witchcraft in Ottawa County, and black magic, and rumors of voodoo. The book covers the most outrageous to the unexplained examples published in Ottawa County and Michigan newspapers. It will be available on Amazon and at The Bookman in Grand Haven. Visit The Talking Dead homepage here.
Only $11.95 plus postage
60 pages / Paperback

Strange Grand Haven now available in paperback
The "Strange Grand Haven" column, which for nearly 4 years appeared every Monday in the Grand Haven Tribune, has now become a paperback book! The best, and most outrageous tales to appear in the column now appear in the new book, "Strange Grand Haven," which is now available locally at The Bookman and Hostetter's News Agency in downtown Grand Haven, and online for purchase by mail from Amazon. The book includes 51 stories, runs 100 pages, and ranges in price from $12-$14 locally, and $12.00 from Amazon plus shipping and handling. Read about the monster of Stearn's Bayou, hidden treasures, haunted locations, U.F.O. sightings that involved police action, unusual history, and things you would never have guessed that happened in Ottawa County! A list of all of the stories appearing in this book appears on the Strange Grand Haven web page. Pictured is the Strange Grand Haven book cover. 
Only $12.00 plus postage
100 pages / Paperback

Picture book of Grand Haven vaudeville stars published

A new large size book, 8.5x11 inch format, about Grand Haven's twins who went on to become major vaudeville stars from 1897-1911, has been published and is available. The book is a memoir, and includes rare Lyman family photos, news items and reviews about featuring Herbert and Howard Lyman. The book features a history of their lives and career, presents over 30 rare photos, with newspaper clippings and ads published about them during their lifetime. Due to the oversize dimension and high quality printing on superior white stock, the book retails for $16.00. One historical aspect in the book concerning comedy sketches, is the twins pioneered the mirror illusion routine, that appeared in the Marx Brothers' movie, "Duck Soup." A big thank you to descendants who provided rare content for this tribute publication. Locally the book is available at The Bookman in Grand Haven. Visit the Lyman Twins homepage here.
Only $15.95 plus postage
52 pages / Large Size Paperback / Over 30 Rare Photos



My chapter books for tweens and teens
I have written several chapter books over the years and the four I would recommend to readers 9-15 would be the titles pictured above. Each can be purchased online by clicking on the book title. Barthpenn@heaven.org follows an inspirational communication via email between an angel in heaven and a boy who has only a short time left on earth. The second title is Esther's Channel, presented much like the works of C. S. Lewis, where creatures mirror humans and their emotions, a turtle named Esther must find forgiveness for others after her mother dies. The third title is Natalie's Ark, written by my wife and I. It tells the tale of a young girl lost in a flood, and how through faith, and the encouragement of animals that speak, finds her way back home. The fourth book I recommend is Dreamchaser, also written by my wife and I. It presents the tale of an urban youth who dreams of playing professional basketball, but discovers he is an all-star to those who love him most.

My picture books for children

I have written and illustrated several picture books over the years and the four I would recommend to readers 4-8 would be the titles pictured above. Each can be purchased online by clicking on the book title. Whispering Wally follows the inspirational tale of a large blue whale, and reveals the secret why he speaks in a whisper. The second title is Professor Horace, Cryptozoologist, which explores the unusual and amusing world of creatures of fable and legend. An elderly professor not only finds the creatures, but befriends them and promises to keep secret their existence. The third title is The Jumbo Shrimp of Dire Straits, written by my wife and I, illustrated by me, which tells the tale of a crusty sea captain who falls on hard times but does not give up on finding a place called Hope. The fourth book I recommend is Hope the Angelfish, which is a written collection of fables with biblical meaning. One illustration accompanies each of the 10 stories included.

Browse all of my titles

To browse all of my book titles available on Amazon, click here to visit my author page online.


I illustrate many books for authors each year and my illustration services are available upon request. I also edit and produce videos for books and other entertainment media at reasonable cost. Inquire how I can help you with your project. Check out examples of my artwork here: ART GALLERY 1, ART GALLERY 2.