I'm Kevin Collier. I welcome you to beautiful Grand Haven, a quaint port city along the Lake Michigan shoreline where my wife, Kristen (pictured), son Jarod, and I make our home. I am a newspaper columnist, a commercial artist/designer by profession and author and illustrator of over 130 children's books. My wife and I own Tangerine Sky Productions, a video entertainment company. And, when I'm not working my tail off, I am enjoying time with my family.



Book celebrates pioneering Lyman Twins comedy team

I have been compiling and writing a "scrapbook" of sorts for publication highlighting the vaudeville comedy team The Lyman Twins that I hope to have available in print this summer. Herbert Lucius and Howard Charles, twins born on September 12, 1877 in Grand Haven, had an incredible singing, dancing and songwriting career from 1897 to 1911. Interestingly, I have been able to prove it was these two who pioneered, if not created the "mirror illusion" comedy route made most famous by the Marx Brothers in their 1932 film "Duck Soup." The book, which will measure 8.5 x 11 inches in dimension and run 60 pages, will contain historical information on the twins and their career, news clippings and reprint advertisements for their shows from the period. The collection will also include pieces written by ancestors of the Lyman Twins. A late 2015 publication date is expected.
St. John's Lutheran Church "In The Beginning" coming

My wife and I have recently began compiling information for a short paperback book entitled. "In The Beginning: St. John's Lutheran Church of Grand Haven." The book will cover the years 1863-1892 of the church history. It will be sold exclusively at St. John's Lutheran Church of Grand Haven with all proceeds to benefit the church. Spring release planned.

 Frederick Hollman serial killer book to be republished

Black Oak Media, the original publisher of "Final Doom: The Frederick Hollman Story," recently placed the book out-of-print as the company restructures. I will be self-publishing the book and re-releasing it this fall via Amazon. The book, about one of our nation's first serial killers who once lived in Grand Haven, Michigan, will feature all of the original book's content and some updated material.
My weekly column in the Grand Haven Tribune 
I write a weekly column, which appears every Monday, in the Grand Haven Tribune titled "Strange Grand Haven." The column also appears online on the newspaper's website, on which you can read the latest columns online here. The column explores strange history, U.F.O. sightings, creatures of legend and paranormal activity in Ottawa County, Michigan. A new book, the Strange Grand Haven Anthology, will be published soon and available from Amazon. Check out the  Strange Grand Haven web page for updates.


My chapter books for tweens and teens

I have written several chapter books over the years and the four I would recommend to readers 9-15 would be the titles pictured above. Each can be purchased online by clicking on the book title. Barthpenn@heaven.org follows an inspirational communication via email between an angel in heaven and a boy who has only a short time left on earth. The second title is Esther's Channel, presented much like the works of C. S. Lewis, where creatures mirror humans and their emotions, a turtle named Esther must find forgiveness for others after her mother dies. The third title is Natalie's Ark, written by my wife and I. It tells the tale of a young girl lost in a flood, and how through faith, and the encouragement of animals that speak, finds her way back home. The fourth book I recommend is Dreamchaser, also written by my wife and I. It presents the tale of an urban youth who dreams of playing professional basketball, but discovers he is an all-star to those who love him most.

My picture books for children

I have written and illustrated several picture books over the years and the four I would recommend to readers 4-8 would be the titles pictured above. Each can be purchased online by clicking on the book title. Whispering Wally follows the inspirational tale of a large blue whale, and reveals the secret why he speaks in a whisper. The second title is Professor Horace, Cryptozoologist, which explores the unusual and amusing world of creatures of fable and legend. An elderly professor not only finds the creatures, but befriends them and promises to keep secret their existence. The third title is The Jumbo Shrimp of Dire Straits, written by my wife and I, illustrated by me, which tells the tale of a crusty sea captain who falls on hard times but does not give up on finding a place called Hope. The fourth book I recommend is Hope the Angelfish, which is a written collection of fables with biblical meaning. One illustration accompanies each of the 10 stories included.

Browse all of my titles

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I illustrate many books for authors each year and my illustration services are available upon request. I also edit and produce videos for books and other entertainment media at reasonable cost. Inquire how I can help you with your project. Check out examples of my artwork here: ART GALLERY 1, ART GALLERY 2.


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